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Ms Courtney, Ms Erica, & Ms Madison - Preschool

Hello, Everyone!

In the preschool classroom, the weather isn’t the only that has been changing. Last month brought many changes to the preschool room, and with those changes has come many challenges. Children often struggle to comprehend change at the rapid speed adults do. Change may leave them feeling confused or even out of control. As a result, we have been working hard to make their classroom experience as consistent and predictable as possible. We also have provided ample room for decision-making by taking lots of votes on what activities to do for the day, what books to read, and even compromising on how much longer until clean up time.

We began the month by talking about who works at our school, and we even had a visit from Ms. Randa. Some of the children made thank-you cards for the people who work at our school. After that, we have been carefully observing each of the centers in our classroom and discussing how to respectfully play with the toys in the centers. By taking time to intentionally explore each center, my goal for the classroom is that the children will be very aware of their environment and feel equipped to make respectful choices with our toys.

Moving into next month, we will continue to spend time studying the rest of the centers in our room. To help the classroom continue to be a safe space for the children, they need to be fully aware of their environment. They also need to feel supported and loved by their teachers and classmates. Over the next month, we will be implementing various unification activities to bolster the class bond. Keep checking Kid Reports to stay up to date with these activities.

Happy Fall!

Ms. Courtney, Ms. Erica, & Ms. Madison


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