Ms Courtney & Ms Becca's Class - Preschool

Hello from Preschool!

Last month held some changes for the Pre-K classroom. We welcomed a new child into our classroom. We also watched the weather change from cold to beautiful. In addition, we watched as our ladybugs changed from larvae to pupa to lady bugs. The children were thrilled when the pupa finally hatched and turned into lady bugs. We watched as their spots slowly developed, and they turned from yellow to red. We had a ‘goodbye party’ for them outside on the playground. The kids were also delighted when they noticed more lady bugs around the playground in the grass. They have had a good time collecting bugs and creating habitats to observe them for the day. These explorations have led to productive conversations about what it means to care for creatures we find in nature, how to be responsible, and how to keep areas clean so the creatures can thrive.

Moving forward, we are going to continue observing various creatures, as our playground seems to be full of them. We will also look deeper into whatever the kids discover and show interest in, be it crickets, lady bugs, worms, or the clouds. Given the recent changes in our classroom, we will continue to keep our schedule consistent and predictable to establish a good flow for the day.

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Becca

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