Ms Becca & Ms Rhonda's Class - Early Preschool

Hello, Early Preschool Families!

I hope you are enjoying these sunny July days after all the rain we have had.

For the month of June, we learned all about birds. Since we have so many feathered visitors at Ivy Academy, it has been a great launching point to study about their habitats and what makes them different than other animals. The class has been focusing our exploration on the Life Science Early Learning Guidelines: “Life – The child observes and investigates plants and animals.”

In July we will be continuing our nature-oriented units by looking into various insects. Many of our children love to hold the grasshoppers, pill bugs, and butterflies that visit our outdoor space. We will follow their lead by exploring more of their interests. We will also continue our pre-writing skills by journaling daily and growing our interest in writing. The children have been very motivated to learn new letters as well as how to write them down. Teaching our children the love of writing opens up a new avenue for them to express their feelings and explore the new information they are learning. I am excited to see them grow in all these skills! We hope your families are all doing well!

“You can make anything by writing.” – C.S. Lewis

Ms. Becca & Ms. Rhonda

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