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Ms Bailee & Ms Brittney's Class - Toddler 1

Hello, Parents!

Let us reflect on the year 2020 in a positive light. The children in this class have grown so much since their start here. The month of March brought so much happiness when this center finally was able to open and invite the children in with loving arms, ready to learn and grow as individuals. Sadly, we were separated for a while; however, thankfully because of that, you were able to see your kids grow and develop at home as well. Aren’t we always looking for extra time with our children? (You can laugh at that; I totally get it.)

Fast forward to when we RE-opened and again welcomed the children back. What a great time! The children from June (the re-opening date) to now have grown significantly. Watching the children learn words to climbing on the outdoor equipment alone. Every milestone we see as teachers makes our job worth more than anything. On behalf of all the teachers that support and make up T1, we want to say how much we have enjoyed the children and our time with them this past year, and how much we are looking forward to the new year with them. Your children continue to amaze us all while keeping us on our toes daily.

Here is to a better year than 2020 and even more learning to come!

Ms. Bailee, Ms. Brittney, & Ms. Lydia


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