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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families!

So many different things have been happening in the classroom. The class spent the month of October learning about physical development. As we learned new activities in the classroom, we developed small and large muscles as well as self-help skills. The class learned and developed new skills that will go with them throughout life. Together and individually, the children developed their fine gross motor skills by working more with their hands. Activities such as using their hands to grasp small objects and using tweezers to pick up noodles were just a few of the things they did. The children in the classroom also focused on activities that fostered large muscle growth. The children love being outside, and with the nice weather, we took full advantage of the opportunity. In our outdoor classroom, the class would work together kicking balls, throwing balls, and playing tag. While outside, we also worked on using our legs to push the peddle bikes around the bike trail. While inside the classroom, the children worked on muscle development by climbing the climber, pushing and pulling large wagons, and classroom activities tailored to individual growth.

I am excited for the month of December as we will be learning about the Early Learning Guidelines of Creative Skills. Art is an essential tool for life long knowledge. As children begin to grow and explore the world around them, so does the need for creative expression. Creative art activities promote the development of self-worth, uniqueness, and imagination. From the Early Learning Guidelines book it is stated that “through experimenting with sounds, movement, dramatic play, and their senses, children communicate in ways uniquely their own and reveal their own learning style. The more curious a child is, the more he/she learns.”

Ms. Ashley


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