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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of March has been full of lots of new things. I have had one child in my class transition up to the toddler room, which is exciting. My one-year-olds are doing great transitioning to the toddler schedule, from sleeping to eating and even going outside onto the toddler playground to explore. As for my infants, they are starting to try and figure out how to move around and explore their environment more.

For the month of April, we are going to keep working with the one-year-olds on all the different transitions going on with them. For the infants, I am going to really work on doing more tummy time and sitting up assisted and unassisted as well. One of my infants will be starting to eat baby food, which is very exciting. My other two are already eating baby food.

The ELG that I will be working on with my infants is Mathematics Standard 3: Begin to explore objects in the environment, developing a foundation for number awareness. With this ELG, I will read more books that involve numbers and shapes, give the infants toys that they must reach for, and help them try to crawl to work on their fine motor skills.

As for my one-year-olds in my classroom, I will be focusing on the Mathematics ELG as well. Standard 3: Begin to show interest in characteristics of objects such as size or quantity. With this ELG, I will work with the one-year-olds on more sign language words such as more, all done, milk, drink, eat, hungry, and apple. These are simple sign language words that I can teach the children so that if they are not wanting to speak, they can communicate through sign language. I will also sing more songs about numbers in English and Spanish.

I am looking forward to seeing how the month of April will go with all these new skills to be learned. Since it is still kind of cold outside and windy, I ask that you please provide the proper clothing and jackets if you can. We will still go outside, weather permitting.

I look forward to watching the children learn all these new skills.


Ms. Ashley


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