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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of February has been crazy with all this winter weather that we have been having. I hope that in the month of March, we can finally see spring coming our way. I know that the infants would love to be able to go outside and play or even go on a stroller ride.

In our classroom we have three one-year-olds and three infants, so we have a mix of ages. The toddlers are on the move and exploring everything they can; the infants are learning to crawl and sit up, and they are enjoying tummy time as well. With this being said, for the month of March, we are going to focus on two different ELG’s. For the younger infants, the ELG that were going to focus on is Physical Development Standard 1: Demonstrate basic movement. (For example, lifting and controlling head, developing abdominal muscles, moving arms and legs, rolling over, sitting with and without support, and beginning to creep). Kaitlyn and I are going to offer our infants a lot of time to play on the floor so that they can work their muscles and learn how to crawl and move their bodies around. While the infants are on the floor, I will give them toys to play with and manipulate with their fingers and hands. We will also work on sitting up with support and without support as well.

For my one-year-olds, the ELG we are going to work on is Mathematics Standard 1: Begin to demonstrate an understanding of patterns in the environment. With this ELG we are going to transition the one-year-olds to the toddler schedule and routine. The one-year-olds are eating at the table as well, and eating the food that comes from the kitchen.

Kaitlyn and I look forward to teaching these new skills to the infants as well as the one-year-olds.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Kaitlyn


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