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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of February has been full of fun, and we have a new baby in our classroom! I have four fun boys in my classroom now. They are all unique in their own way and have reached so many milestones. I look forward to what March is going to bring.

For the month of March, I’m going to work on two different ELG’s with the children in my classroom. The first ELG that I’m going to work on is Communication and Early Literacy Standard 5: Begin to develop eye-hand coordination and intentional hand control. With this ELG I will work with children with more hand-eye coordination activities such as grasping objects with their fingers and hands. I will do a lot more finger painting as well. These activities will really help with children’s hand-eye coordination. I’m also going to read more books to help build up the children’s vocabulary and language. Reading is the best way to strengthen the children’s language in so many ways. I’m also going to work on sign language with the children for words such as “all done”, “please”, “stop”, “more”, and “milk”.

The second ELG that I’m going to focus on is Science Standard 1: 0-8 months: Use his/her senses to explore the environment. With the two infants that I have that are mobile, they explore everywhere in the classroom, so they are using all their senses. Some fun activities that I will do with the children so that they can use their senses is more art activities. Some fun art activities parents can do with their infants is paint on sand paper, paint with bubble wrap, and paint with plastic wrap on a canvas. Also, finger painting is one of the best ways infants can explore their senses. Parents can also add different scents into the paint as well.

As is warms up, I will be taking the infants outside more often so that they can explore more with their senses by being outside.

I look forward to teaching the children these new skills and seeing them reach new milestones. Bring on March; it is going to be a fun month full of new skills and possibilities!


Ms. Ashley


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