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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of January has been full of lots of changes. All of my one year old’s moved up, and now I only have three babies in my classroom. I look forward to seeing what February will bring. I’m excited to see what all new skills the babies will learn.

For the month of February, the ELG that I will be focusing on with the infants is Physical Development and Creative Skills. Standard 1: 0-8months. Respond to or show interest in sights and sounds in the environment. I will be doing more creative art with the children so that they are able to explore different textures and explore their senses as well. By doing more creative art with the children, they will be able to work on their fine motor skills with their tiny fingers. Some fun art activities parents can do with their infants are: sand paper art, bubble wrap art, paint on canvases, and finger painting. All of these art activities will help develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The other ELG that I will be working with the infants is Physical Development. Standard 1: 0-8months. Demonstrate basic movements. (For example: lifting and controlling head, developing abdominal muscles, moving arms and legs, rolling over, sitting with and without support, and beginning creeping). I will be working with the infants on sitting up with support until they are able to sit up without support, work on holding their own bottle, and work on crawling. Physical development is very important in the infant stage; it helps them learn how to move their bodies around.

I look forward to seeing how the children will learn these new skills and learn to use them throughout the day. I’m very excited to watch the children explore with their senses while doing art activities. I’m so excited to watch the children meet new milestones every day. Also, a friendly reminder - please bring a jacket and socks so that if we go outside, I can make sure they are warm while outside.


Ms. Ashley


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