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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of October has been full of fun and exciting activities. The children have been doing well with learning sign language. We got some new friends in our classroom which has been exciting! I would also like to welcome my assistant teacher, Ms. Kaitlyn - she is going to be a great asset to the classroom. She will be able to teach the children new skills every day. We are so glad she is a part of the team and classroom.

For the month of November, the ELG that we are going to focus on is Mathematics Standard 3: Begin to show interest in characteristics of objects such as size or quantity. The way we will be able to help the children develop this skill is by helping the children learn more sign language and symbols. We will work with more nesting toys and show the children how to stack them and how to put them inside one another. Nesting toys will also help the children with fine motor skills.

The last ELG that we are going to focus on is Communication Skills and Language Standard 3: Demonstrate an increasing awareness of familiar books, signs, and symbols. Literacy is very important at a young age, and it helps develop children’s vocabulary. We are going to read more books to the children so that they can develop more language, and we will continue working on sign language as well. Language is very important - it helps the children communicate their needs and wants. Even though the weather is going to start to get cooler, we are still going to go outside as much as we can. So with us going outside, I ask that you please provide the proper clothing and jackets for the children.

Kaitlyn and I look forward to teaching your children new skills and watching them grow.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Kaitlyn


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