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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and a happy new year! I’m excited to start off on a new year - it is going to be great! The children have learned so many new skills throughout the year of 2021. I’m looking forward to a new year and getting to watch all the children learn and grow in their new skills that they will learn in this coming year.

For the month of January, the ELG that I will be working on is physical development with the children. For the younger infants, the ELG that we will be focusing on is Standard 1, age 0-8 months: Demonstrate basic movements, for example: lifting and controlling head, developing abdominal muscles, moving arms and legs rolling over, sitting with and without support, and beginning creeping. With the younger infants we will be doing more tummy time and sitting up in a teacher’s lap. By doing these things, we are working on the children’s muscles to help them learn how to move their body around.

For the toddlers in the classroom, we will be focusing on language ELG Standard 1: Begin to recognize sounds and/or spoken words for familiar objects and people, and to do simple requests. I will work on sign language with the children so that they are able to communicate. Some words that we will work on is "all done", "more", "milk", "please", and "help", and we will point to objects when talking to the children so they understand what we are pointing at. I look forward to teaching the children these new skills!


Ms. Ashley


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