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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler 2


November was such a fun month! We have really enjoyed exploring the sensory table that is full of oats, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, and fall leaves. We enjoyed exploring with paints on the art easel. We even got to experience coloring a large cardboard box with crayons. That was so much fun!

We have talked about all the changes we see on the playground and outside our classroom window. We talked about the leaves changing colors, the leaves falling, the cooler air, and even about how the grass has changed. We got to make our own pumpkin pies and got to enjoy a small Thanksgiving feast with our friends and teachers. We talked a lot about our family and friends.

We have practiced using our words and good manners. We continue to work on saying “Please” and “Thank you”. We continue to practice labeling our emotions and the emotions of others, and to learn how to handle those emotions, too.

November was a busy month full of fun and learning. We hope all of you enjoy time with your family over the holidays. We are thankful that we get to have the opportunity to care for your little ones 5 days a week.

Amanda T.

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