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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1!

We had lots of fun this month talking about Valentine’s Day and love. Our class really loved our sensory table this month as it was filled with red, pink, and purple rice, and we had a few heart and flower toys along with some funnels. We spent a lot of time in small groups talking about the people we love and the things we love. Another exciting thing we were able to do was play all afternoon with playdough on Dough Day! Dough Day is February 19, and I made a special batch of green playdough. We had so much fun squishing and molding it! Playdough is a wonderful tool to help strengthen fine motor skills, and it’s also just fun to play with!

In March we are going to be talking about Farm Animals! Our class has recently shown a lot of interest in farm animals and making farm animal noises. I have picked out several farm books to add to our classroom to read together, and we will be adding some farm animals to our sensory table as well. I also have some fun art activities planned that involve painting with toy farm animals; our children always enjoy painting with toys!

We hope everyone had a wonderful February, and we will see you in March!


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