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Ms Amanda & Ms Riley's Class - Toddler 2

Hey, it's August!

We had a fantastic month filled with fun activities all about transportation! We played in our sensory table that was filled with red and blue rice for police cars, and it also had several small vehicles in it along with some blocks to make ramps and buildings. We had lots of fun driving the cars through the rice! We also had plenty of fun with art by doing our observational paintings of different types of transportation vehicles such as firetrucks, trains, and planes! We discussed the different types of vehicles and how some are used for farming and some are used for construction. We read several books that also showcased all the different types of transportation, and they were a big hit.

Next month we will be focusing on colors and shapes! I noticed that some of my students really love to talk about the color and shapes of different items in our classroom and thought it would be fun focus. We will be exploring several books that talk about colors like My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. We will also be using our hands and cookie cutters to try to paint different shapes, which are always really fun! Our class really enjoys doing art together. We also discuss our colors and shapes at circle time during the day, since it never hurts to get a little more practice in!

See you next month!

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Riley, and Ms. Nena


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