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Ms Amanda & Ms Riley's Class - Toddler 2

Hello from the new T2!

Our transition to our new center Downtown is complete, and we are so excited to be here! All of our children did amazing through the transition, and we have had so much fun engaging with all of the new toys in our classroom.

Last month our topic of the month was bugs! We had so much fun exploring all the different types of bugs in our world. We talked about the shapes and colors of the bugs and how some have funny names. We read several books that used interesting words to describe the bugs to encourage language development.

This upcoming month our topic will be all about Zoo Animals! I think it is so fun to let the children explore and learn about all of the animals we have on our planet. It teaches them about the world around them and leads to some exciting questions about the animals and their habitats. I like to talk about this topic in the summer when families typically end up going to the zoo together, which then reinforces what we have learned at school. We have several fun books like Jungle Counting, Tails, Crocodaddy, and Peek-a-Flap Zoo that we are going to be reading together as well as doing some observational paintings of different animals!

It’s going to be a super fun month!

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Riley, and Mrs. Nena

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