Ms Amanda & Ms Jennifer's Class - Toddler 2

Hello March!

In last month’s newsletter, I discussed that we were learning about our shapes, and we had so much fun! We did touch-and-feel learning cards and discussed what the shapes were. We even got out some different shaped books to read and explore. Our favorite of the month was Ship Shapes; I think it was because it had a shape sea monster, and everyone loved looking at the sea monster! We painted with shape cutters and did a lot of discussing of what shapes were found in our classroom, too!

This month we will be focusing on counting and sorting! We practice counting every day at circle time, and sometimes we even count to 10 in Spanish! We always feel so victorious when we make it to number 10! We will be adding some new counting books to the classroom, and we will be playing with colored blocks and putting the colors in the correct groups. We will also be using small moments throughout the day to count different things, like our toes when putting on our shoes, or how many spoons we have at lunch time! Any opportunity to count is a good one, and I am excited to count with our friends in the classroom!

Have a wonderful month, and we will see you next time!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Jen

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