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Ms Amanda & Ms Deb's Class - Toddler 2

Happy February!

Last month we talked about how our focus was on social emotional development and working on cohesiveness with our students, and it went really well! We had lots of fun passing balls back and forth to each other and working together in small groups on different art projects and playing with play dough! We read a book on taking turns quite a bit and had lots of practice and gentle reminders of asking each other nicely for turns with different toys. I also just want to mention that even though we have a “focus” every month, we work daily on all things of children’s development! Everything we teach builds on top of what we have already learned, and that helps us teachers with intentional teaching.

For the upcoming month our focus will be on Shapes! We will be doing art with lots of different shape cut outs and reading lots of different reading material with shapes as the focus. We also have some fun touch and feel cards that have realistic pictures on them of items in different shapes that we will incorporate into circle time. I think the children are really going to enjoy them! Another activity we will be doing is playing "I Spy" and asking the children to find me different shapes that I ask for! We will also be having our Valentine’s Day Party, and we are looking forward to celebrating love and friendship with each other.

Have a wonderful month!

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Deb, and Ms. Jennifer


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