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Ms Amanda & Ms Deb's Class - Toddler 2

Happy New Year!

We have made it to 2022! Our class is ready for another year of having fun and learning together.

In December our focus was enjoying Christmas and learning about reindeer, snowmen, and Santa! We had so much fun decorating our new class Christmas tree, and it was really cool to see all the different ways our kids decorated it each and every day. We painted Christmas trees with our hands and read lots and lots of Christmas books! We also sang “Jingle Bells” and danced to “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”. We really enjoyed our holiday time with our students and hope everyone enjoyed time with their families and friends.

For the New Year, our first month’s focus will be on social emotional development. We really push our students to be kind to others and to use soft touches when playing together. However, situations arise where cohesiveness is hard, and we want our children to be able to learn how to regulate their body and use their words to communicate their needs. We will be doing a lot of activities that invite the children to work together, like passing a ball back and forth and putting out one big piece of paper to color on for the children to share. We will also be putting out books that encourage acknowledging our feelings and being kind to others.

We are excited for the New Year and are looking forward to serving our families with lots of love and fun. Happy New Year!

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Deb, and Mrs. Nena

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