Letter from the Director!

Dear Families,

As we cozy up for movies and family time during these chilly months, let me remind you to be mindful of your young children’s safe sleep habits. Unfortunately, our state ranks as one of the highest cases of infant mortality rates and child endangerment in the United States. One major risk to infants is an unsafe sleep environment. Many of us grew up with different methods of sleeping and bedding; nonetheless, the American Academy of Pediatrics cautions that the best, safest sleep environment for children under 1 year of age is in a flat crib, with no loose bedding, pillows, materials or other soft items. It is important for all children that parents be aware of the risks and methods that can be put in place to help keep your child safe. You might consider using a sleep sack to keep your child warm without the use of blankets. You might also consider eliminating stuffed animals from your child’s crib.

Establishing positive sleep hygiene is important at all ages. You and your children require ample amount of sleep to function well in your daily routines. We recommend that when children go to bed, the family develop a regular routine to support rest time for each child. This routine might consist of changing into clothing that promotes comfortable rest, resting in a space that is safe and calm, and brushing teeth before laying down for rest. It is advised that children not be put to sleep with juice, milk or other liquids that contain sugars. Tooth decay can occur when this practice is in place as the sugars sit on the teeth all night long.

Here at school, we brush our teeth each day; ask your child about brushing their teeth. Many classes have fun songs that they sing as they get ready to brush.

If you need additional materials regarding safe sleep or tooth decay, please let us know. We will be sending helpful PDFs via Kid Report for your family’s reference.

Dominique Lewis

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