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Letter from the Director!

Dramatic Play provides children with endless opportunities to develop skills and be creative in their own worlds. During the month of October, we will take extra time to pretend. In pretend play, children can gain deeper language skills and learn to play collaboratively with others. Even young children enjoy costume play and mirroring things they see in their everyday lives. This is the reason many of our younger learning spaces host pretend kitchens - children are familiar with seeing us at our homes, living life, socializing, and sharing our familial culture with those whom we love.

Creating and inventing characters and scenes provides a gateway to more complex thinking skills. Consider how a scientist might have to imagine potential solutions as she works in her lab. Consider how a civic leader might write a beautiful speech, rallying people for a cause. These skills of language, critical thinking, social and emotional development - all can be cultivated in dramatic play.

This month we will add extra time in our days for this type of play. On Friday, October 16th, each class will have a tea party. Children may dress up for the occasion if they would like. The tables will host fun decorations to set the scene. Children will drink pretend tea and enjoy special treats with their friends. Participants will be served by supporting teachers and building staff so that everyone can relax and dialogue over tea.

During the week of October 26-30, children may wear costumes all week. We support children dressing however they feel led all year around; however, we know that some families participate in Halloween. Children sometimes want to dive deeper into their characters, so feel free to let them dress up for school. On Friday, we will have a small treat exchange between classes.


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