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Happy October!

Happy October, Providers!

We are coming to the end of 2020! This has been an extremely trying and stressful year, but it is coming to an end. Hopefully, these next few months will be filled with fun holiday experiences for everyone. This month, we are covering Fire Prevention, SIDS, and Safe Sleep. The Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) here in Oklahoma has great information on SIDS and Safe Sleep practices. Check out their website Here. Child Care Aware has a great article on Fire Safety: click on the link to read it here.

We are continuing to train as your Resource and Referral Specialists. Since COVID-19 is still at large, we are taking precautions to allow everyone the chance to continue their professional development while keeping everyone safe. The precautions we are taking are no more than 9 people in a training, participants must bring a mask to the training, and before entering the training facility participants are having temperatures checked and washing their hands. We are still monitoring COVID-19 numbers in each of our counties; if we feel the numbers are too high for us to come, we will postpone the training. As more information is coming from the CDC and other state officials, we may change or require new safety measures.

We are still gathering resources, toys, and other materials for our Child Care Aware of America Grant we received in August. Below is a list of cleaners and PPE that we will have available. Please contact your R&R Specialist if you are interested in receiving any of these items.

Sanitation and Health Supplies:

· Surface Cleaner

· Wipes

· Gloves

· Reusable Masks

· Disposable Masks

Our resource kits are still available for check out. If you are interested in borrowing a kit, please contact your R&R Specialist. Resource kits are cleaned and sanitized when they come back to us from other providers. We want to ensure that our providers and children are protected against viruses and germs.

October 16th is the last day to enter our drawing for a $150 Lakeshore Gift Certificate. To enter, please complete the Complete Update 1 survey. Here is the link. We do this survey twice a year for our statewide database which allows us to provide families needing child care updated information on the facilities in their area. If you have any questions about the complete update or are having trouble viewing the survey, please contact your R&R Specialist.

Below is the contact information for you R&R Specialist.

Resource & Referral Director

Kelsey Thomas


Resource & Referral Specialist

(Kay, Noble, Washington, & Nowata)

Kristine Abbott


Resource & Referral Specialist

(Payne, Logan, Lincoln, Pawnee, and Osage)

Heather Cruz


Infant & Toddler Specialist

Renae Barnett



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