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Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Hello, Parents!

Although we had a late snow, the month of April was fun for everyone! Our playscape ended up with seven new plants that the children helped plant and four new plants inside. We also planted some strawberries and mint in which the children got to taste the mint.

For the month of May, the theme will be Butterflies, Books, and Babies. Throughout the month, we will keep with Social Emotional and add Science. Also, during the month of May, the children will watch butterflies and plants grow as they help take care of them by watering and feeding them. The children will bring their babies to Large Group for social emotional to be learned. They will dance with, play with, and sing to the babies and more. Look for pictures.

Preschool - ELG

STANDARD 3 Life – The child observes and investigates plants and animals.

Social and Personal Skills

STANDARD 1 The child participates in activities to develop the skills necessary for working and interacting with others.

Infant Toddlers and Twos - ELG

Science: Standard 3

6-18 months - Explore certain characteristics of certain living things.

16-36 months - Explore and investigate physical properties of living things.

Ms. Teresa


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