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Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!! We’re having so much fun learning about bugs for the last week. We’ve read books where we have found some bugs, and we’ve learned to start identifying what some of them are. We’ve also kept our eyes open for what kind of bugs we can find outside. So far, we’ve seen butterflies, dragonflies, snails, praying mantises, and beetles!! It’s so exciting seeing the children be able to identify what the bugs are without being prompted, especially since we recently started learning about them! We will continue to have bugs on our lesson plan for a couple of weeks as the children show interest.

A major transition has occurred - Ms. Sehoy has left the home to work in the center in Claremore. We will all miss her! We’re very excited to have Ms. Jennifer join our classroom, and we can’t wait to see what fun ideas and games she will introduce to us!

Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Jennifer


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