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Director's Corner

Art is an incredible tool for children to learn new things. Here at Ivy Academy, we value art and sensory exploration as part of our enriching environment. Art is something that can be explored, even by infants. There are so many things children are learning simply through art and sensory exploration. In this article from Zero to Three called Learning to Write and Draw, it goes over the many things children are learning such as fine motor movement and creativity as well as cause-and-effect relationships. All these things can be learned through daily exploration of art and sensory.

In our center, we always make sure children have daily access to art materials as well as sensory exploration. Allowing the children access to these materials allows for children to explore during their own times and at their own speeds. This gives the children opportunities to use this type of exploration to learn something new. These are important years of development, and we make sure to allow children to grow and learn by providing them with an enriching environment. Encouraging your children at home will allow you to see the wonderful things that can come out of such simple materials, and the bonding experience it offers as well is beneficial to all.

Emily Harker

Site Director


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