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Director's Corner

Music and movement is important in a child’s early years as it can promote many developmental areas such as physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language development. Implementing music and movement at home can be an extension of what your children do in the classroom at the center. Children can develop reading readiness and math skills with the repetition and rhythm of the music, fine and gross motor skills while dancing, and expand on vocabulary with playing music from around the world. Here is an article, that provides more detail on how you can promote music and movement with your children and even make instruments out of materials you may already have available at home!

Mrs. Jessica will be joining our team as the Master Teacher in the Toddler 2 Classroom. Mrs. Gabby and Mrs. Madeline will be missed dearly as they continue on their new journey. Ms. Angie and Ms. Madyson will be stepping into Toddler 1 while we are searching for the new educators for that classroom.

Valentine’s Day party sign-ups will be posted on the doors for the classrooms that will be participating. In addition, covid has been an obstacle for everyone in the community, and I want to thank our families and staff for being so patient and understanding during this time; it is truly appreciated!

Dena Rodriguez

Site Director


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