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Ms Michelle's Class - Infants 1

Hello from Infant One!

We have had a great month of August with all the sunshine and lower, but still warm temperatures. This gave us plenty of opportunity to utilize our beautiful and well planned outdoor space. Our infant playground offers many different development oriented features including, but not limited to, a splash pad, rain waterfall feature, gazebo, sensory garden, swing, lush trees and plants, and expansive grassy space. Each of these features offer a variety of ways to encourage and enhance the whole development of your child. And let's not forget to mention how being in the outdoors helps to soothe and quiet our soul.

This last week of August is a bit bittersweet. Three of our babies have now been transitioned to toddler rooms. While this is a great milestone that we teachers are so proud of, our hearts ache to see our little ones move on. We do visit each of them often and hope to stay connected with them and their families as they grow up through our program.

In September we will focus on getting to know and bonding with new babies in our classroom. Our lesson plans and schedules will change a bit to accommodate newborn baby schedules and development.

Have a great month!

Ms. Michelle

Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Deb

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