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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 Classroom!

This month we have been focusing on Creative Skills as well as our Self and Social Awareness. With our creative skills, we have been working on exploring different materials in our sensory table. We have used water, bubbles, cloud dough, and rice to create and explore with our senses. The kids love these different materials! We have also been using different materials to create with, such as adding flour, shaving cream, water, and soap with paint. These added materials give the children a different experience as they are painting.

When we talk about our Self and Social Awareness, we put a focus on the community and how that ties into our daily lives. We have been exploring different materials from our community such as menus from local restaurants and reading stories about different community helpers. This exposure of materials from our community help the children connect what we are learning in the classroom to things they will see and hear in their daily lives. It is exciting to learn these new things and to watch the children make a connection between what we are exploring in the classroom with what we see in our community and our daily lives.

As we venture into next month, we will be switching gears a bit. Our focus for next month will be on Communication Skills and Early Literacy. One of the most important things you can do with your children is to read with them. Reading builds vocabulary, sparks creativity, builds communication skills, builds fine motor in turn pages, and it also builds strong relationships with the caregivers! We will be exploring different books and reading in different environments. We will also be working on our communication skills which go hand-in-hand with early literacy. We will be working on expressing our needs, thoughts, and interests through gestures, sounds, and words. It is important to our children to learn how to communicate with their peers as well as their caregivers, and it is equally important for the children to feel confident that they are being heard and understood. These enriching skills will help the children succeed and grow throughout their years, and we are excited to be able to build on those skills in our classroom! This month will be a good one and we cannot wait for the cooler weather to be able to take a blanket and some books outside to read with our little ones!

Ms. Emily

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