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Ms Becky's Class - Toddler 3

Dear Parents,

My name is Becky Luper. I am new to Delaware Child Development. I am so excited to be the new Master Teacher in the Toddler 3 class! I moved here from Texas at the end of April, after teaching Preschool there for nineteen years. I already love Bartlesville and Delaware Child Development!

During the month of August, we were “wild” about animals! We spent time learning about wild animals, ocean animals, and farm animals. We learned about the different types of animals and compared their similarities and differences. We played with animal figures from each category and also worked puzzles featuring the three different groups of animals.

The children enjoyed lots of fun at our sensory table, making ocean animals “swim’ through the blue water, and also finding farm animals hidden in colored rice. We had lots of messy sensory fun playing with colored shaving cream at our tables. The children really loved that!

Next month we will be focusing on “All About Me” and “Feelings and Emotions.” We will be learning about physical aspects, such as eye color, hair color, etc., giving special attention to the children’s feelings and emotions.

I can’t wait to see where our explorations take us!

Ms. Becky Ms. Estefania

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