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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler 2


The month of August brought us many exciting changes. Some of us now have older siblings that have gone off to big school, and some of our friends who have been gone have come back to our school to play! Although it is different to not have those older siblings here, we are so happy that they have gotten the fun new opportunity of attending public school! And, of course, we are over the moon about having so many of our classmates back at school with us. We have missed them dearly.

During the month of August, one thing we have talked about is our colors. We love talking about the toys and all the other many things around us and talking about what colors they may be. We also have talked about numbers. We love counting everything! We count our friends, blocks, rocks we find in the sand box, chalk, etc. Counting is fun! We have also started pointing out and naming shapes. Our favorite so far is the big triangles in the sandbox. (They are colorful stepping “stones” that we play with in the sand box. They make wonderful triangle shapes in the sand.) Another thing we have worked on is remembering to use our words to tell others what we want and to do so in a kind way. (No yelling, saying “Please” and “Thank you.”) We have also been practicing using our words to talk to our friends. We are doing so good at this, although sometimes we do need help remembering. August has been a good month for us.

The month of September will be just as fun, of course. We will start talking about ourselves and the things that make us special. If you have family photos you would like to share with the class, we plan on posting them in the classroom so your children can point out and talk about all the special people in their families. This can include moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles, or even pets - anyone that is special to your child and that is familiar to them. These pictures will be laminated to help keep them safe. Of course, we will continue to practice using kind words and voices with others. We will also practice talking about the emotions we feel as well as the emotions our friends feel.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to care for your little ones. We are so blessed to be a part in helping them learn and grow!

Ms. Amanda Tackett

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