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Ms Gabi & Ms Rebecca's Class - Infants 1

Where did the summer go? Here at Ivy Academy, we’ve had the best summer so far and are sad to see it go. In August, we observed many areas of living things! We learned about an array of things stemming from farm animals, ocean life, and all the way to dinosaurs. Also in August, we jumped into each of the children’s temperaments and how it affected each child in their own way. It's been quite interesting to see what temperament they had fallen into. It certainly sheds some light on how we can manage and avoid things that trigger each child.

The month of September is going to be very exciting in the infant class! We will be diving into transportation. Also this month, we are opening up the book of American Sign Language! (ASL) It is a very special way of communicating with your littles, and we will start off with the basics and work with them daily.

See below a bit of background on Sign Language:

Baby sign language—a specialized sign language used to communicate with preverbal infants and toddlers—has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. It is intended to help very young children to express their needs and wishes earlier than they could otherwise. Baby signing experts believe that frustration and tantrums can be avoided by closing the gap between desire to communicate and the ability to do so.

**Tips on teaching baby sign language:

  • Begin demonstrating when the infant is between six and eight months old, when they can hold your gaze for a couple of seconds.

  • Start with three to five signs, using eye contact and saying the word out loud. Try signs which are easily linked to objects, such as “ball.”

  • Repeat the signs consistently on a regular basis. Suggest that other caregivers join in.

  • Notice when the infant begins to mimic the signs, usually after about two months, and add additional words when you begin to make progress.

Here are some helpful link tips when it comes to doing Sign Language at home:

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