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Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents!

We are coming into the new school year; I am excited, and I hope you all are as well. The month of July was an experience for the children! We grew our own butterflies, and they learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly. They learned that the caterpillar does not spin a web like a spider, but they spin silk for the pupa.

For the month of August our theme will be Ladybug Adventures. What this looks like is that the children get to grow ladybugs and watch them in their own habitat before releasing them on the playscape. We will also continue our school readiness learning.

Language Arts: Standard 1: The child listens for information and for pleasure.

Science: Standard 3: The child will observe and learn the life cycle of a ladybug. The child will also capture and study the techniques of the bugs they capture.

Ms. Teresa

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