A Look Back on July

July 29, 2020

In our newsletter, we have included great educational articles on Back to School and Transitioning for our younger children. Transitions are a huge part of everyday living, and starting transitions while they are in child care will help children later in life. Some adults have a hard time transitioning from different activities or to different changes that come with living normal life. The article “Supporting Transitions: Using Child Development as a Guide” has great information on different areas of development and how transitions can help grow each area to help grow healthy children. Here is the article for you to read “Supporting Transitions: Using Child Development as a Guide”.


This month we have started to get back out into the field for training and TA. With COVID-19 still a big part of our lives, we have had to include more health and safety precautions. Some of those changes are taking temperatures of everyone in training, wearing masks while training is occurring, and keeping the training participant numbers to under 10. If you or your staff need training or help in the classroom, please contact your R&R Specialist, and they will make an appointment with you.


We have some exciting news to share! We applied for the Child Care Aware of American Grant, and they chose us! In the grant, we can provide our providers in our region cleaning supplies. We are also building Social and Emotional Kits for children that providers can check out. If you need cleaning supplies or are interested in borrowing one of our new kits, please contact your R&R Specialist. We will be glad to help.


In August, we will be sending out our update survey for providers to fill out. We are doing our complete update 1. This update allows us to give families needing child care updated information on facilities in their area. Please be on the look out in your inboxes for the email. Starting in October, we will begin calling or texting providers to get their information.


We hope all our providers are safe and healthy during these difficult and uncertain times. Below are the R&R Staff contact information. We are here for you!


Resource & Referral Director

Kelsey Thomas




Resource & Referral Specialist

(Kay, Noble, Washington, & Nowata)

Kristine Abbott




Resource & Referral Specialist

(Payne, Logan, Lincoln, Pawnee, and Osage)

Heather Cruz




Infant & Toddler Specialist

Renae Barnett














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