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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom Three,

Summer is in full effect, and we are trying to stay safe and cool from the sun. We are trying to do more of our outdoor activities in the morning before it starts heating up. We have added exercises and stretching to our routine to help channel their energy in a positive way.

Last month we worked really hard on communication. The children’s vocabulary is blossoming, and we are having interesting conversations between classmates and teachers. We also continued our focus on bathroom routines. Now almost all of our friends are potty-trained!!!! Sometimes, as teachers, we feel like we live in the bathroom, trying to make sure we keep a set routine. The children are learning and doing so well and will be able to take care of meeting their own needs as they learn.

For this next month, we will focus on social and peer interactions. We have been able to label and identify our feelings, now it is time to help give the children the positive language to use while interacting with peers.

I also want to update our families on myself. I have taken on an extra role with the Administration side of our organization. I will be out of the classroom a little bit more than usual, but I want to reassure you that my main priority is being a Master Teacher and making sure that they are getting the education that they love. It will be a balancing act, but I know Miss Ashley and I will work together as a strong team to keep the class as normal as can be.

Thank you,

Ms. Mollie and Ms. Ashley

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