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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families!

I cannot believe we’re already half way through summer! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer to the best of your current abilities. Please keep as cool as possible and stay hydrated.

Just a reminder that here at the center, we will have water day once a week and limit the outdoor time to mornings when it’s the coolest. Closed toe shoes should be worn at the center every day as it protects the children from trip hazards and stubbed toes. Also, personal items from home such as drinks, toys, and food are not allowed at school. The children may bring a blanket and or a stuffed animal from home as their comfort support.

For the month of July, we have been focusing on the Early Learning Guidelines of Physical Development and Social and Personal Skills. Social development refers to a child’s ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships with adults and other children. Emotional development refers to a child’s ability to express, recognize, and manage their own emotions, as well as respond appropriately to other’s emotions. These developments are important for growth, and Miss Kortney and I are very happy to see the growth all of our students are making. We will continue to incorporate these developments into our daily lessons, but as a new month comes along, we will be focusing on the new curiosity the class has shown.

For August we will be focusing on the Early Learning Guidelines of Science. Young children are naturally curious and learn through exploration and using their senses. They are looking, touching, smelling, tasting, and listening to everyone and everything in their surroundings. These experiences will assist children in acquiring knowledge on which to build a better understanding of the world.

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Kortney

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