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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Hello from T1,

Last month in T1, we focused on Science ELG Standard 3: The child will observe and investigate living things. In class we did this by exploring farm animals. This month we will still focus on the same standard, but instead of farm animals, we will be talking about and exploring zoo animals. We will be implementing hands-on activities for the children to begin to learn how to sort the animals by their similarities such as size and color. Another activity we will be doing is learning the different sounds all the animals make. We will be doing this by singing songs that provide a variety of animal sounds and movements. The children will be encouraged to move their bodies freely. I have also provided a matching game in the science center.

As the weather gets hotter, we will be trying to go outside mostly in the mornings. The children really enjoy water play. One of their favorite things to do is to run and splash in the mud puddles.

Parents, please keep an eye out for the activities I will be sending home every Friday. And always remember to stay safe.


Ms. Anita and Ms. Reagan

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