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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hi all, from Toddler 4!

This month we have been focusing on physical development and all the ways we can build those fine and gross motor skills. One activity we have been doing is to pick up cotton balls with tweezers and tongs. The kids have loved this, and we enjoy seeing the concentration on their faces as they try to pick the cotton balls up.

Another activity we have enjoyed is sidewalk chalk outside! And taking advantage of the beautiful mornings is a plus.

Another skill we are building is self-help skills. An activity that helps with this includes working on putting on our own socks and shoes. We also discuss the importance of brushing our teeth and washing our hands. These are important skills to learn, and our toddlers make it so much fun!

As we move into the next month, we will be exploring mathematics and all that has to offer. We will be working on patterns in our daily lives as well as spatial awareness and the concept of quality. We are building little brains here and having so much fun doing so!

Ms. Emily

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