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Ms Courtney & Ms Erika's Class - Preschool

Hello from the Pre-K Room!

Over the last month, our classroom has dug deep into creepy crawlies. Through hands-on experiences, we have been busy learning simple bug anatomy, how to care for bugs, and what it means to be responsible in nature. The weather has allowed our class to experience several field trips, further getting hands-on with bugs and insects. In class, we have viewed the life cycle of meal worms and even had a visit from a turtle! When you are outside with your preschooler, point out insects that you see and ask them what they know. They are avid learners and happy to share with you all they have learned.

Because our kiddos had so much interest in creepy crawlies, Ms. Erika and I have decided to continue learning about nature by moving on to animals. We will begin with farm animals, learning about their habitats, basic needs, and how animals care for each other. Our learning will culminate with a field trip to experience these animals in real life. Make sure you are not out of the loop and stay up to date with our affiliated App: KidReports. Every day you can see new pictures and get the chance to learn right along with your kiddo.

Bridging home and school: Because parents are not yet able to come into our classrooms, help us all get to know you better by sending pictures of your family to school for us to hang up on our family board.


Ms. Courtney & Ms. Erika

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