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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

In the month of July, we are going to focus on Mathematical skills in the classroom. The standard that I will be focusing on with my younger infants is: Demonstrate expectations for familiar sequences of events. The way I will implement this standard is to offer the infants toys that they can grasp with their fingers and toys that they are able to explore with their mouth. I’m also going to read more books so the children can see different patterns and colors.

As for the older infants and my one year old, the math standard that I will focus on is: Explore materials and space by handling, building, moving, and manipulating. To help the older children with this skill, we will build with blocks together and talk about the different shapes and colors. I will encourage the children to build towers, small and big, and then knock them down and rebuild them. Another thing that I will focus on is learning to match colors and learning to count as well.

I’m looking forward to teaching all my children these new math skills.


Ms. Ashley

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