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Get Out & Play Safe! (Summer Safety Tips)

Summer is in full swing, and we here at Ivy Academy value outdoor play for the children we serve! In doing so, we always take precautions so that the children enjoy themselves safely. Our precautions include applying sunscreen throughout their play; providing water before, during, and after play; providing cool shady areas to play; and paying attention to the children’s body language, etc. With the age range we serve, body language is a key indicator as many of our children are just learning language and are unable to verbally communicate how they feel. For our kiddos that are further along in language, they’re focused on play and not the side effects of the sun, which makes it critical for our teachers to pay close attention to body language. The teachers are focused on body language such as lethargic movements, changes in skin color, and overall behaviors of the children (fussy, too quiet, frustrated, etc.)

With that in mind, while at home and out for quality play and adventure, parents, please be mindful of those body language cues. Below are a few safety tips to consider:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Waiting until you are thirsty is too late. Drink water often.

  2. Utilize Sun Block.

  3. Be mindful of how long you’re out in the sun, which brings me back to #1. Stay hydrated!

  4. Wear a hat or utilize shady areas.

  5. Pay attention to body language. If you’re feeling lethargic, dizzy, or nauseous - these are signs you’ve been in the sun too long. Immediately hydrate, get in a cool space, and monitor closely.

As the summer continues, we know families will be out at the pool, lake, playgrounds, and other adventurous places, so below are a few links with tips for summer and water safety. Enjoy the summer safely!

Larry Lewis

Site Director

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