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Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents!

We have enjoyed the month of May! The children were able to plant their own flowers and enjoyed doing so. They also enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a chick. As we march our way into June, we will be learning about community helpers with some of our friends from paw patrol. We will focus on the Policeman/woman, the construction worker, and the firefighter.


Health & Safety STANDARD 3: Health-Enhancing Activity Development – The child participates in activities for the development of lifetime health and fitness. Our goals will be to discuss safety rules and acting out rules such as looking both ways to cross a street, staying away from animals you do not know, etc. We also will be able to explain what a trusted adult means.

Social Studies STANDARD 4: Economics – The child explores various careers and identifies basic economic concepts. We will provide opportunities for children to dramatize various jobs in the community. We cannot wait!

As a reminder, please remember to stock your child's cubbies with weather appropriate attire.

Ms. Teresa

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