Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, Preschool 2 Families!

We have concluded our study on insects last month. The children really enjoyed watching the caterpillars enter into their final stage of life, which was coming out of their chrysalis and spreading their wings to fly. We also got to see the stages of a ladybug. Once the ladybugs and butterflies were ready, we were able to release them outside. The ladybugs made a home in our trees, and the butterflies flew off in the wind. Anytime the children see a ladybug or butterfly flying, they like to chase after them and say that that was a butterfly we had in the classroom.

For the month of June, we will be investigating the life cycle of a plant. The children will get to participate in a few experiments, like seeing what would happen when we put a Lima bean and a wet cotton ball in a Ziplock bag. The children will see the different stages a seed will go through before a stem will sprout out.

We will also be planting some flowers to take care of while inside. They will have the chance to decorate a pot, pick out a flower they want to plant, put soil in the pot and make sure to water it every day. This will give the children a sense of responsibility and ownership in their work because they will be making sure that the plant stays healthy and grows.

I am excited for what the month of June will hold for us and can’t wait to see our friends returning. We have missed you very much.

Ms. Tuyet

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