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Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Greetings from EPS!

I would like to start off by saying we hope everyone is doing well and having fun at home! We miss being together each day and are hopeful it won’t be much longer until we are reunited once again and our room is filled with friendship and laughter! We are excited!

Now for those of us here at school, we have been staying busy in our class doing some fun projects. With the rainy weather we had, it seemed appropriate to make a “Raincloud in a Jar.” It was interesting to learn how a Raincloud formed; then to bring it to life was amazing! So many different opinions and ideas were open for discussion that day!

When Mr. Sunshine decided to return, we had no other option than to have lunch outside! Yes, you heard right! It was our first picnic of the season! What an excellent way to extend our lesson plan on Plants/Vegetable Life. Not only was this a learning opportunity, it was also a great time to allow the children to engage during book discussions with visuals. We love reading books outside. Growing Vegetable Soup and Grow it! are our two very favorites!

A huge thank you to our maintenance men for getting our stream prepared for the weather to come! It has been a great time playing in the cool water on these warm Spring days. It’s always a relief to put your feet in and splash around with friends! Even learning to figure out how a barricade works is pretty outstanding! A few rocks and sticks made one child happy when he discovered how to make water stop and go. Amazing job!

Thank you for everything you are doing with your children at home and school. Have fun and stay safe! See you soon!

Ms. KK

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