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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

May has arrived and we will continue building relationships with adults and each other as well as building on language and critical thinking skills.

As we build on language skills, we will focus on things we can hear. Naming what we hear builds vocabulary and encourages the use of both known and new words.

When we build cognitive skills, we will focus on problem solving, building persistence, curiosity, and recognition. Some activities we will do to promote these skills are finding different ways to move water from one place to another, building with blocks and trying to build again when they fall down, mixing different colored paint to see what happens; and making things we can roll down ramps.

Here are a couple of activities you can do from home!

Surprise Box: Help your child decorate a shoebox; you can get creative with what you use! Try using items found in nature, or beads and buttons, ribbons, photos, or paint. Then place a surprise object inside of the box. Describe the object to them, such as saying it is soft, hard, fuzzy, big, small, etc. Open the lid slightly and ask your child to reach in and feel the object and ask your child to describe what they feel. Finally, show your child what is in the box and talk about it and how it compared to the description they gave. Continue with a new surprise item.

Talk about interesting: Collect a variety of familiar toys and place the toys in between you and your child. Say “Let’s see what toys we have here to play with. What is this?” Wait for your child to respond then (I am using a ball as an example) say, “Ball. This is a ball. You said bah bah, didn’t you? That’s right. Ball. Let’s bounce the ball. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Can you say bounce?” Continue to engage your child in a conversation about the toy or toys. Use an enthusiastic, positive tone of voice when talking; this will help keep your child engaged in the conversation and will encourage your child to repeat your words.

When we are able to have you come back into the rooms again, we would love for you to read a book to the class from the selection of books in the basket on top of the cubbies or play a round of toddler Simon says.

Ms. Debra

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