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Quarantined in April

Hello, Providers!

What a month it has been. We are officially in our second month of quarantine. As your Resource & Referral Team, we want to help all our providers with the ever-changing policies and procedures that are being recommended by DHS and the CDC. CLICK HERE for the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness COVID-19 Resource List. It has great resources coming from the CDC, CFOC, EPA, and CACFP.

Resource & Referral’s Executive Director, Paula Koos, has asked all R&R staff to be in touch with providers each week. DHS and many other organizations are also in weekly contact with providers, and we know that your time is precious to those children in your care. We have chosen to send a survey for those with an email address that is sent out every Monday; it has 8 easy fast questions to fill out. This survey can be done before or after children are in your care and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. For providers that have not given an email address, we are calling and asking the same 8 questions.

We are also in our 2nd complete update. If you have not filled out the complete update survey, please click the survey link in the newsletter. We have been trying to call and complete the weekly update as well as the complete update.

With COVID-19, all training has been canceled, as well as technical assistance (TA). We can’t wait to get back out into the community to continue training and technical assistance (TA). If you need help, either with training or TA, please contact your R&R Specialist. We may not be able to be physically there to help, but we have access to FaceTime or a phone call to give advice or useful information and resources.

While we are sheltering in place at home, your R&R Specialists have been doing many trainings through Head Start, Starr Commonwealth, and NAEYC. We are gathering many resources and information to be better equipped to help the needs of our providers.

If you are needing supplies or food, please contact your R&R Specialist. We have been gathering a list of places that have supplies that are in high demand for childcare providers. We hope all our providers are safe and healthy during these difficult and uncertain times. Below is the R&R Staff contact information; we are here for you.

Resource & Referral Director

Kelsey Thomas


Resource & Referral Specialist

(Kay, Noble, Washington, & Nowata)

Kristine Abbott


Resource & Referral Specialist

(Payne, Logan, Lincoln, Pawnee, and Osage)

Heather Cruz


Infant & Toddler Specialist

Renae Barnett


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