Ms Carly, Ms Becca, & Ms Lydia's Class - Todder 1

April 24, 2020

Hello, Parents!


I am Carly, the Master Teacher for the Toddler 1 classroom. It has been an adventure the past few months, but I look forward to teaching your children and seeing them grow each day! Teaching young minds is my passion, and I am excited to help pave the way for their future. I believe with the help of parents and teachers, children will be successful in their learning.


In March and April, we were working on routines, transitions, and other important things that are needed in the classroom. In May, we will be learning about living things and ourselves! To emphasize learning about “ourselves”, I ask that families please send family pictures with your children to school. These pictures will serve a few purposes - the children will be able to learn about their family, and it will provide a sense of comfort while brightening up their day! 😊


Since Spring is upon us and the weather is getting warmer, the children will spend a lot of time outside as it is important for their growth and development. With that, please bring 2 extra pairs of clothing since your children will get wet and/or dirty daily in our exploration of the outdoors.


We look forward to working with your children and seeing their growth daily.



Ms. Carly, Ms. Becca, and Ms. Lydia



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