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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3,

Last month was a hard month with the virus that spread so quickly, but during that time it was a great opportunity to talk about health and safety with our children at school and also at home. While we remained open for the families who needed that support from us, we tried to keep their daily routine as normal as could be. For the families that could, they took this opportunity to spend extra time together and build a stronger bond. This also gave parents a chance to be even more of a teacher and get creative with activities for their family to do together. I know this has been a scary time, but I hope we took the time to stop and not take for granted the simple things in life and found something positive from the uncertainty that is right now.

Moving forward I would still like to continue to talk about health and safety. As a class we already take precautions with sanitation, but now more than ever it is important to further instill cleaning rituals with our daily routine. Hand washing routines, dressing for weather, and eating nutritional foods are some health and safety practices occurring daily in a learning environment. We as teachers and families are responsible for creating and setting a good example of hygiene and sanitation practices.

I have seen many creative, simple, and fun activities that show how germs work and how to properly wash your hands. This has been a teaching time for all of us, and we need to continue to work together so that in the future your children will think back and remember all the fun memories that were created instead of confusion and uneasiness. Here is a quote by Gabe Grunewald that I have found that I would like to leave you with.

"You can still make something beautiful and something powerful out of a really bad situation."

Ms. Mollie and Ms. Ashley S.

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