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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 families!

I am excited that we have been getting to know each other this last month. I love watching the children grow and learn each day. Last month we were learning about the Early Learning Guidelines: Approaches to Learning. I wanted to learn how each of children approached learning. We used our senses by touching, tasting, smelling, listening, and looking at different things inside and outside the classroom. We did a lot of messy play such as finger painting with different textures, getting muddy outside, and lots of goo in the sensory table. I encouraged each child to join in on learning at their own pace so I could view how each child approached learning.

Now that we are heading into April, and as we are in the midst of the crisis, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I am looking forward to getting back to normal and that this health crisis comes to an end soon. In the month of April, I would like to focus on the Early Learning Guidelines: Communication Skills and Early Literacy (Language Arts). Communication skills and literacy development play an essential role in all domains of learning. Between birth and age three, children begin communicating through sounds, gestures, and emotions and move to convey ideas, thoughts, and feelings through beginning language. An environment filled with spoken and printed language supports building children’s language skills. Some activities we are going to do this month will consist of open-ended questions to promote thinking and communication. We will read lots of books and create other activities that will tailor to strengthening our communication skills. We will be focusing on learning colors and how we pronounce each color word. It is important to strengthen early language and literacy experiences as they are the building blocks for life-long learning.

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Halle

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