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Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

In the month of February, the infants worked on moving with purpose which helped to develop the children’s gross motors skills. The children also learned to be more independent and explore new things.

As for the month of March, the ELG that Chyanne and I will be focusing on is based on approaches to learning. With this ELG, the children will explore relationships and the environment independently and with purpose. With this ELG we will work on exploring relationships with different people that come in and out of our classroom. By the children exploring outside, they will be able to explore new things such as the grass, sand, and the concrete, and they will be able to explore all the different objects outside.

The next ELG that we will focus on is Social Emotional development with the children. The children will begin to recognize and respond to the emotional cues of self and others. With this ELG, we will work with the older infants on using soft touch with other children and learning to recognize when other children are upset. Chyanne and I will work with the younger infants on learning to self sooth. By teaching the children these viable skills, they will learn a lot more independence and coping skills.

Chyanne and I look forward to watching the children grow while they learn these new skills.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Chyanne

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