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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

We have spent a lot of wonderful time outdoors in Infant 2 this last month! We have taken quite a few beautiful nature walks, letting the children explore different textures and view different elements in nature. We had a fun snow day where, instead of going outdoors because it was so chilly, we brought the snow inside. The children manipulated it and played in it however they wanted to.

We have gotten a few new friends in our class this past month and have very much enjoyed showing them the routines of our classroom. We want to encourage parents to come visit their little ones in our classroom at any time throughout the day. Families and friends are always welcome to come read to the children or just spend a few extra moments in their company.

Thank you to our parents for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to love and care for your children.

Ms. Stormee

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