Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

February 4, 2020

A big hello from Classroom 1!


We would first like to say how excited we are to have our three new friends in our classroom and how happy we are that they have joined us. This month we will be talking about Valentine’s Day and exploring some different things in the sensory table. 


Providing infants and toddlers different materials to explore promotes opportunities to develop and express individual ideas, feelings, and interests. Appropriate materials encourage movement, sensory awareness, self-expression, and exploration. The more curious a child is, the more he or she learns. We respect the child who wants to touch or not touch, and we as teachers become aware of the children who might not like the feel of some materials. For example, we quickly learned which children didn't find the muddy art we created as enjoyable as some others did. However, providing those who didn’t want to touch the mud with different things they could use instead of their hands still gave each child the opportunity and the experience to explore. 


Thank you,

Ms. Jen & Ms. Halle



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